Information about Slashy

How it works

How Slashy works 


 We make things simple, accessible, and sustainable. 

  • Seller/Renter/Donator
Seller/renter/donator decides they want to make the transaction online or offline, then snap pictures of event equipment, outfits, or venue place that they want to sell/rent/donate. Then put in the detail of the event equipment, outfit, or venue place. 

  • Buyer/Lender/Receiver 
Look at the option that people are selling/renting/donating for event equipment/outfit/venue. Then can request the item on-demand by chatting with the seller/renter/donor and agree on duration of use/transaction. 

  -Event equipment&clothes&venue&tickets&transportation&performers Accessibility & trust/safety & Sustainability-

At Slashy, our values and goals are clear: we want to revolutionize the event industry by improving accessibility, trust/safety, and sustainability of event equipment.  But overall, we want to simply make the stress of event planning go away. 

                                                                     -Events with trust/safety-

Slashy Market has three primary rules to sustain a trust-worthy environment. We take our rules seriously and expect our users to follow them strictly. 

  • Zero tolerance. To ensure the quality of the event dresses and prevent inappropriate usage of this platform, anyone who violates our rules will automatically be dismissed from the platform. 

  • Rating and comments. We will open the rating and comments section for everyone to make sure that the quality of items for renting/purchasing/donating is shared with other potential renters/buyers.

  • We will monitor items being uploaded safely to ensure customers' safety.